Sunny weekend in "Sosny"!

Sunny weekend in "Sosny"!


The weather no longer makes us happy with sunny days, and in Sosny health resort there are 365 of them a year! The Sunlight Simulator is a great alternative for replenishing vitamin D deficiencies in the body.

Even a short weekend break will help you to reboot and have a pleasant and useful time.
The cost of a tour from 1 to 3 days includes:

  • residence,
  • four meals a day "buffet",
  • visiting the pool and sun room,
  • rental of sports equipment and using the gym.

You can also additionally use any health or medical service provided by the specialists of the sanatorium.

Moreover, there is a 20% discount on the second and third day of your stay!

Plan the perfect weekend and book your vacation in Sosny health resort with VETLIVA!

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Myadelsky s/s, 7, 222405, Myadel district , Sosny , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 150 km
  • Quiet and measured rest on the lake Naroch, unity with nature. Health and diagnostic programs for pregnant women.