Summer is comming! Are you in good physical form?

There comes a long-awaited, like a sunny morning, spring. This time is filled with the purest desires andcreative energy. Take advantage of the moment: restore your strength after a tiring winter, cleanse your body and improve your overall health.

To implement the spring plans you will be helped by a special program "Detox, Tonus, Slenderness" in the sanatorium "Yunost". 4-times balanced meals, specialist consultations, physical activity, SPA procedures - all this awaits participants during the 11-day program.

During this time, you can improve overall health, reduce weight and give the figure slim.

Dates of arrivals for 10 nights (11 days): 02.04, 09.04, 16.04, 23.04

The cost of the tour includes:
  • accommodation in the room of the selected category
  • 4 meals a day Wellness - meals
  • Consultation of a specialist doctor (2 times)
  • preparations for oral administration.
  • SPA - procedures.

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  • Distance to Minsk: 21 km
  • Innovative Medical Equipment, Euro-SPA and modern cosmetology, tasty dishes from pure, seasonal ingredients.