Travel by unknown Belarus for only 45 BYN!

What associations does Belarus cause you? Lakes, bisons, potatoes and, of course, castles. The Mir and Nesvizh castles impress every tourist with their greatness. But there is always a question, where else can tourists see in Belarus?

VETLIVA presents the summer travel calendar for only 45 BYN!

1. July 1, go to a real "Zelvensky kirmash". The variety of this trip - from a unique Gothic temple to a modern houses - allows you to look deeper into the history of Ponemanje.

2. July 7, be inspired by the ancient architecture of Slonim. Real pearls of the Belarusian stone architecture can be found in small settlements. Make sure of this yourself, after visiting the tour "Architectural Monuments of Slonim".

3. July 14, go on a tour of the poetic pages of the Belarusian history, together with the director of the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala Elena Leskovich and visit the landmark for the life and work of the poet.

4. July 21, get acquainted with the homeland of Vladimir Korotkevich, going on an excursion "Orsha collection". Learn how the Belarusian-Russian borderland lives, which has witnessed major events in the history of the country.

5. July 29,touch the secrets of the noble family of the Radziwills, who created the whole History of his House - Radziwilliada.

6. August 5, open the precious casket of history. What is there just not ?! Temples of different denominations, castles, ancient manors, monasteries and even the family burial vault of the noble family of Umyastovsky!

Spend this summer unforgettably, opening an unknown Belarus with VETLIVA!

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  • Minsk - Orsha - Shklow - Minsk
  • Without meals
  • Number of hours 13