Show your children all the real things!

Have your children seen locks only in the picture, and the tanks they know about are only Lego toys? The time has come for amazing discoveries, because to see all the real things is easy! Summer is become, and this is an excellent occasion to go on a real trip for real and real impressions. Show the children all the real things:

Real tanks and airplanes

Surprising with its size and power of technology during the Second World War can not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. Dugouts and trenches, airplanes and tanks - all the present awaits you on a tour of memory "The Hill of Glory - Khatyn - Stalin's Line - the Museum of the Second World War". 

Real history

Do school history lessons seem uninteresting to your child? You have a unique opportunity to show him that history is not just boring textbooks. The trip to the interactive history park of Sula is a real immersion in the world of the history of Belarus: fr om the first settlements of pagans and to the gentry manor houses of the nobility.

Real fortress

The cult defensive structure The Brest Fortress is a memorial complex with nothing comparable in beauty and drama, the largest tourist attraction of Brest. The walking tour "Secrets of the Brest Fortress" will reveal all secrets of this cult monument, will acquaint you with the Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress, wh ere the exhibits of the Second World War are presented.

Real castle

Does your child like to build sand castles on the beach? You can surprise him by showing real medieval castles. The historical quest, a tour of the palace and park complex and even a night in the Nesvizh Castle ... Excursion "ALBARUTHENIA: Nesvizh - Mir, 2 days" is not just a boring story, it is an interactive immersion in the history of Belarus, to which everyone can become a participant.

Spend summer really bright with VETLIVA!

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