Сelebrate the birthday of Minsk together!


In 1067, Minsk was first mentioned in The Tale of Bygone Years, and on September 8,  city celebrates 951 years!
We love our city and invite you to celebrate its birthday together, and to make your trip comfortable, we prepared two options: Package tour A City Day: Light  and Package tour A City Day: Standart.

Here is a plan for what can be done on September 8:
  • Celebrate the birthday of the city together with Minsk citizens! Celebrations will be held at all major venues of the city.
  • Walk around Osmolovka - one of the most spiritual regions of Minsk
  • Take a photo opposite graffiti on Katrychnitskaya and eat a pancake at Depo.
  • Find the most delicious draniki and mochanka.
  • Walk along the new pedestrian streets of Komsomolskaya and Revolutionnaya. 
And if you stay in Minsk and on Sunday, you can:
  • Run Minsk half-marathon 2018 and get a medal (do not forget to register) 
  • Get on the Day of the Tankman. Wargaming annually celebrates this holiday in the Victory Park. 
Even more plans for the second weekend of September are here.

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