Where to go? 5 budget accommodation options

In autumn everyone wants want to travel and Vetliva helps! We picked up 5 budget options for travel - each of them costs less than 40 rubles, so you can safely pack your bags and go out to meet the unknown!

  1. Do you remember how Korotkevich wrote about Shyroki Dnyapro? Farmhouse "Okolitsa" is located in a picturesque place near the river Dnepr and forest. Very close to the town is Rogachev and one of the most beautiful manor houses in Belarus - the Gatovsky Manor. It costs just 20 rubles per day
  2. If you have never been to Minsk, it's time to fix it! Happy Hostel costs just 30 rubles per day! 
  3. We bet you've never been to the town of Gorodok? But it's worth visiting! There you can see a unique ethnographic museum and a monument to the poem "Taras on Parnassus." Number in the hotel Sportivny Gorodoc costs fr om 32 rubles per day. The town is 30 km fr om Vitebsk, so this is an excellent chance to visit the Marc Chagall Museum. 
  4. The most budget option for accommodation in Brest is Yunost Hotel. The room can be booked from 35 rubles!
  5. In Orsha, you can spend the night from 37 rubles - that is the price of a room in the hotel Orsha. Under Orsha in 1514 there was a great battle, in 1620 the city received the Magdeburg right, here for the first time "Katyusha" was used - so it's definitely worth visiting.

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  • Distance to airport: 215 km