We study Belarus - we explore Brest!


Together with VETLIVA we go to Brest - a city that is larger than Paris and where every day the lamplighter comes out to turn on the lights in any weather!

Walking excursion around Brest «Street of beautiful lanterns» will acquaint you with the historical center of Brest and will surely lead you to the Alley of lanterns, where the lanterns stand in the form of a blacksmith, a trader, a fireman and many others.

Walking tour «Secrets of the Brest Fortress» will acquaint you with the main attraction of the city, a symbol of courage and bravery.

From the tour you will learn:

  • about the history of construction of the fortress,

  • about the early ideas of engineers and their architectural solutions and plans,

  • on the annexation of the fortress to the territory of Poland, and then again to the Republic of Belarus.

In addition, you can visit the Museum of Defense of the Brest Fortress, see the monument “Courage”, the 100-meter “Bayonet Obelisk” and the sculptural composition “Thirst”.

Excursion "Walk in the evening Brest" will acquaint you with that lamplighter! And also it will show you the central area of ​​the city and its main attractions.

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  • Tours date:
  • Number of hours 2,4


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, Brest , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 380 km
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