The art around us: creative excursions

Playwrights, scriptwriters, art historians, journalists - connoisseurs of creative work open a new season of fascinating excursions around Belarus.

In the framework of excursions related to literature, theater, painting connoisseurs will open for you creative pages of Belarusian history, acquaint them with places of life and creativity of great people.

The organizer of free courses of Belarusian language Gleb Lobodenko invites you on excursions:

Art critic Tatyana Bembel will acquaint you with belarusian art places, with the amazing pages of the life of the famous musician and composer Cheslav Nemen and the artist Chaim Soutine.

Actor and director of the Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama Alexander Marchenko will conduct an excursion that will tell the most intimate about the theater

Discover creative Belarus together with VETLIVA!

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