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There are times when the word "rest" was associated only with the beaches of Turkey and Egypt was in past. Today people want something else: calm, fresh, clean. All this can give recreational vacation in the sanatoriums.

However, there is an opinion that having a rest in sanatoriums is quite an expensive pleasure, that is why VETLIVA has picked up for you excellent options for sanatoriums with the most pleasant prices for rest and treatment.

1. Sanatorium named K.P. Orlovsky - from 77,62 BYN / day

Located in an ecologically clean area surrounded by a forest park. On the territory of the sanatorium there are two wells with mineral water, treatment with sapropelic muds is conducted. The cost of the tour already includes spa treatment!

2. Sanatorium "Chaika" - from 85 BYN / day

The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, the nervous system, digestive and respiratory organs, and the musculoskeletal system. In the sanatorium for guests there is an excellent base of physiotherapeutic procedures, including balneotherapy, magnetotherapy and vacuum massage. The cost of the voucher includes treatment according to the doctor's prescription.

3. Sanatorium "Raduga" - from 38,34 BYN / day

The beauty of nature, curative air, multidisciplinary treatment - all this awaits you in the sanatorium "Rainbow", located in the Lida district. It is possible to book tours with and without treatment.

Best recreational rest in sanatoriums of Belarus together with VETLIVA!

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Recommended improvement

231311, Lida district, Dokudovo village , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 160 km
  • Cozy family sanatorium of a home type.
Mostok s/s, 7/10, 213114, Mogilev district , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 190 km
  • For health - this is for us. Excellent rest for children and adults.
St. 2 Orlovskogo Str., 213931 , Kirovsk , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 155 km
  • The sanatorium is located in a picturesque park on the site of the former gentry estate of von Goyer. A great place for rest and recreation.