Book excursions to unique places of Belarus with national cuisine!

Book excursions to unique places of Belarus with national cuisine!

Together with VETLIVA we go to unique excursions, where fans of traditional Belarusian cuisine will be delighted by meals in the national style!

  • An excursion to the ethnocultural complex Nanosy-Novoselie passes through the most picturesque places of Belarus, because the complex itself is located on the shore of Lake Naroch! Here, after the museums of samovars and moonshine, you will have a traditional dinner.
  • In the animated excursion in Dukorsky maentak you can visit the zoo, craft workshops, as well as you can taste the gentry alcohol which is made according to old recipes during the Belarusian lunch.
  • An organ concert in the Rubězhevichi church and an animation program you can visit by booking an excursion to the Sula History Park! And during lunch in a picturesque restaurant you will be offered a peasant drink “Stark” and old Belarusian snacks.
  • Excursions to Dudutki are available for you. Here you can look at the only existing windmill in Belarus, visit the pottery workshop and old 19th-century blacksmith shop. And most important - you can have 4 tastings: at the hooch still (moonshine, bread, pickles, honey), in the bakery (freshly baked bread, 3 types of cheese, butter, tea), at the mill (peasant bread with bacon), at the beekeeper (honey).

Learn Belarusian traditions with VETLIVA!

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