Velvet season in the sanatorium "Youth"! Manage to book trips at special prices!


To prolong the carefree period of summer heat and enjoy the beauty of Belarusian nature can be in the mildest and most favorable season for holidays - velvet. The number of tourists during this period will decrease, the prices for vouchers will become more pleasant, and the rest will be even more comfortable.

"Yunost" is a hospitable sanatorium that is perfect for guests who prefer comfort and high level of service.

A special feature of the sanatorium is a unique SPA-center in Belarus, decorated with a Slavic style. Here you can plunge into the world of calm and hormones. Try the rituals “Slavic health” (Ayuverda)!

Proper nutrition - the key to effective recovery and quality rest! The sanatorium has developed a system "Wellness" menu. The kitchen of the sanatorium is filled with the freshest products of local farms. And all this is so delicious!

Special attention should be paid to the organization of rehabilitation in the sanatorium. The list of procedures is impressive: from serious healing to pleasant spa offers. In addition to the standard sanatorium vouchers, specialists have developed special programs for treating the heart (Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels), the nervous system (Antistress, Healthy Sleep, Anxiety Management), weight loss and body cleansing ( Tonus, Slimness "), as well as programs for the diagnosis of the body. Weekend tours “Medical Weekend”, “Express-anti-stress” or “Wellness-program” are perfect for a short break.

A cozy atmosphere, clean air, delicious food - the perfect combination for a comfortable stay in the sanatorium "Yunost"!

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Zhdanovichsky s / s, 67, 223080, Minsk district , Ratomka , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 20 km
  • Innovative Medical Equipment, Euro-SPA and modern cosmetology, tasty dishes from pure, seasonal ingredients.