999 anniversary of Brest


How to spend the weekend and to congratulate Brest with birthday. 28 July Brest celebrates 999 years anniversary. Vetliva has prepared a brief guide, how to spend the last weekend of July in Brest.

How to get there?

  • It’s very easy to come to Brest. For example, you can order a comfortable transfer
Where to stay?
What to do?

Where to eat?

  • In Brest, there are a lot of cafés and restaurants. You can choose here.

But the most important thing you have to do in Brest is to congratulate the city with birthday and to come to the city next year on its millennium.

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  • Masherova avenue 17- Sovetskaya str - Svobody square - Gogolya str - Mitskevicha str
  • Without meals
  • Number of hours 1,5 - 2

Recommended accommodation

, Brest , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 380 km