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Ancient Towns of Mir and Nesvizh (in Russian)

Excursion to the castles in Mir and Nesvizh with the departure from Minsk. We present to your attention one of the most popular excursions - "Monuments of Peace and Nesvizh". You will see the most valuable monuments of Belarus listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Mir Castle and Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family in Nesvizh, which restoration ended in 2011. Nesvizh - the former capital of the Radziwill's Ordination. During our tour, you will see many well-saved architectural sights at the Market place of this picturesque town: the Town Hall, shopping arcades, artisan houses; the Slutsk Gate (XVII cent.) is located nearby. Taking a view of the Park and Palace Complex of the XVI-XVIII centuries designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni by order of Nickolay Christoph Radziwill «Sierotka». The magnificent castle surrounded by high earthworks and wide ponds represents the system of buildings forming the tasteful court of honor. The elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism are interlaced herein. The program of our tour, which you can buy from us on the site, includes the impressive expositions, great halls of the palace, living and housekeeping areas, picturesque parks adjacent to the palace. Trusting your holiday VETLIVA, you will see the famous The Farny Church of the XVI century (architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni) - the first Baroque building in the Eastern Europe. This church is one of the most valuable in Belarus due to gorgeous fresco painting and the undercroft. The guide will tell you about the history of the most powerful family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - the Radziwill Family which influenced the cultural heritage of Belarus and Europe.  Lunch at the restaurant. Our bus tour with the departure from Minsk going on. Drive to the next point of our tourist route – the town of Mir. Ordering an excursion from us, you will see The majestic Mir Castle, which was built in the XVI century, its bright architectural look, mighty walls and towers, colorful courtyard leave a lasting impression which will be complemented by the museum exposition in the northern part of the castle. You will feel the atmosphere of life in the castle passing through the basements wh ere provision was kept and the Ball-room swimming in luxury of Rococo style. Alongside of the castle there is the flamboyant chapel of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family. The historic part of the town of Mir - the place wh ere Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gipsies and Tartars had been living together for a long time – kept the atmosphere of the former small town. Rest with VETLIVA will let you see the ensemble of the market place is formed by the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, synagogues, Yeshiva, the houses of craftsmen and merchants.  Return to Minsk. VETLIVA – the best excursions across Belarus with the departure from Minsk.

Excursion «Heritage of Tadeusz Kosciuszko»

During the excursion including such places as Ruzhany - Merechevschina - Kossovo you will learn about the history and culture of this region of Belarus. The tour tells about the life of the Belarusian, the national hero of Poland and the United States, a French citizen - Tadeush Kostyushko and goes through the places related to his life. The majestic palaces in Ruzhany and Kossovo, the house-museum of Kosciusko with an interesting exposition and landscaping make this route one of the brightest in Belarus! Ruzhany - the ancient city known since 1490. Excursion on the territory of the castle.  Irreparable damage to the ensemble caused the Second World War. In the village remained several monuments. These are the Trinity Church (1615), the former Basilian monastery (1788) and the Peter and Paul Church (1778).  And then - a delicious lunch. In the farm Merechevshchina, located on the outskirts of the town of Kossovo, in 1746 in the family of Ludvik Tadeush Kostyushko - a representative of the ancient family, information about which dates back to the beginning of the XVI century - the future leader of the national liberation movement was born. House-museum of Tadeush Kostyushko, recreated according to the drawing of Napoleon Orda, was opened here. By the number of inhabitants, Kossovo is one of the smallest township in Belarus, and by the number of attractions it’s not small at all! A neo-gothic church was situated in the place of a burnt wooden shrine in which Tadeush Kostyushko was baptized.